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Like some of my friend know me , and my work, last years in all of my job I have been doing I have focusing on UX more than ever, think about the real people that use the product and made them a life as easy as possible.

In the last few days I have been update my LinkedIn as never I have been update before, working on the right think to say to show how I really I am.

After 5 minutes I have update my LinkedIn profile I have receive a message from Digital Design Consultant ask me if is possible to have a quick chat, and as I am I accept without exiting. I hve answer the call and is a recruitment agent, very friendly, and for someone like, not English as been super easy to understand every single work he as talk to me, and for my suprise and or the first time he ask me one think and no-one have me ask before as been “”what is your process?” without words I just frize and I have ask for myselfe, “why he ask me this?” but I understant in tht right moment this looks I have never have think the process I have been doing my UX design and I just have ask a few thinks about my process, probably the less important thinks.

After that call I have start writing all my UX Design process just to know exactly everything I have been doing.

So, there it is my full process or maybe just tasks I have been remember.


My UX Design process in task mode:

  1. Check the objective
  2. Check the sellers strategy
  3. Be present on all company meetings to understand every person who work on that company
  4. Research and check competition
  5. Analysis
  6. Understand  costumers and clients problems to know the product and company
  7. Wireframe the sulution
  8. Make the wireframe pretty
  9. Mockup
  10. Test
  11. Re-check all again
  12. Build

Start everyhting again to make this better